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Discover the Heart of Italy on Calabria, Veneto and Lombardia Tours

Have you always dreamed of visiting Italy but weren’t enamoured by the idea of a tour that takes you to see the bare essentials? Look no further than Favotto Tours. We specialise in options that allow you to dive in the deep end of authentic Italian culture. With a wide range of options available, we can guide you through a country that you will remember for a lifetime.

From famous landmarks to Veneto wine tours, experience everything Italy has to offer

As a family owned and operated business, founders and operators Beatrice and Giorgio put an emphasis on giving their clients a travel experience that they won’t soon forget. Calling upon their own Italian heritage, they combine the expected tourist elements with unique options that really set each tour apart from the rest. Whether you are looking for the best Veneto winery tours or simply want to make the most of each region on foot with walking tours, Favotto has something to suit everyone.

Choose from some of the best Lombardia, Veneto or Calabria tours available

We take great pride in offering you a truly remarkable experience from beginning to end. For this reason, our tours promise complete immersion in the local culture – an experience that can be difficult to find amongst other companies.

We currently offer a total of five amazing tours of Lombardia and Veneto, Calabria, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, and the Cinque Terre. Discover the beautiful country and coastal areas of Italy in a way that only the locals see them with the help of our incredibly knowledgeable tour guides. Not only will you be able to take in all the sites that these areas promise, you will gain an insiders glimpse into some of the most intriguing history, delicious cuisine and off the beaten track experiences.

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For your next trip, choose a destination with heart, soul and, of course, delicious food. Choose one of our tours of Veneto, Lombardia or Calabria to experience this beautiful country in its most authentic form.

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Immersion tours of Italy. Small groups travelling through Italy on a journey of discovery:
food, wine, art, history and people.