do NOT add this page to navigation or google will find your ebooks (i.e. people will be able to download them without signing up)


to add a new ebook

a) Save a PDF version of the book (i'd suggest adding a (c) Favotto Tours 2016 to the footer before saving as PDF).

b) go to https://favotto-tours-italy-and-more.myshopify.com/admin/settings/files

c) upload the file and copy the resulting URL - it will be something like


d) go to https://favotto-tours-italy-and-more.myshopify.com/admin/articles  and create a new article with blog type 'ebook'. Add an image as the article image, and add a short teaser to the 'excerpt' box and a slightly longer one to the main article box.

e) grab the URL you copied from the file upload URL box, and paste it into the TAGS field, with ebook: in front of it. Remove everything including and after the ?

i.e. it would be come


f) make the article visible and save

g) go to http://favottotours.com.au/blogs/ebook   and check that the new ebook is there

h) click into the ebook and make sure it looks right. 

i) go to http://favottotours.com.au/pages/ebooks and check that the ebook has shown up there, and that you can use the download like to download it.