About Us

We are Giorgio and Beatrice, Sydney born founders of Take me to Italy.

 Both our parents are Italian migrants and we   were both raised with a strong appreciation   for the Italian culture and customs. Growing   up we have cherished every opportunity to   visit our families in Italy, build meaningful   relationships and connect with the land of our ancestors.

We believed regular family visits to be integral to the family connection and we have continued this tradition with our own children Cinzia and Luca.

Meet Giorgio 

Giorgio’s heritage derives from a little village of Musano di Trevignano located in the Veneto region. Giorgio has always been a passionate Italian who has dual citizenship of Australia and Italy. His passion lies in the history of the ‘Serenissima’ the most serene and enduring republic of Venice, the house of the Medici family and the intrigue and drama of Sicily. He can’t wait to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with you as he guides you through the Italian contributions to humanity.

Meet Beatrice

Beatrice’s parents are natives to Borgia, Catanzaro, in the southern region of Calabria. Her pantry is filled with hundreds of secret recipes, all passed down by word of mouth from her mum, aunties and families. If you listen carefully she might slip a tip or two. Beatrice definitely knows that a way to your heart is through your stomach! Her training as a primary school teacher will ensure that her culinary knowledge will stay with you long after the tour is over.
But let’s not forget about beautiful sandy beaches, she can take you to the ones you won’t find in regular guides!
However, when in North, Beatrice’s passion for shopping shines! She will reveal the best Italian style shopping secrets to you, because sharing is caring!

Over the years we have blended the infamous rivalry between the North and the South. We have Italy covered!