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For a long time, traveling to Italy was reserved mostly to some prominent destinations like Milan, Rome, Napoli, and Amalfi coast while the true gems of Italian beauty, hospitality, and culinary tourism have been left undiscovered. We at Take me to Italy are determined to show you the same Italy that Italians visit, places off the beaten track away from mass tourism packed with adventures that create memories for a lifetime.
The region of Puglia or Apulia lies on the “heel” of the Italian boot and is hugged by the Ionian and Adriatic sea. It has the longest coastline of all the mainland regions of Italy with long open beaches which are as abundant as olive oil. 
To tour Puglia is to immerse yourself in the wonders of history, architecture, exquisite cuisine, organic meals that complement the selection of the finest Italian wines, dribbled with homemade extra virgin olive oil which is one of the signature products of this region. 
 The town of Lecce deserves a special mention and it will deserve a special place in your heart once you set your foot into this old town that has been, throughout its rich history, viewed as the top prize for many conquerors. And honestly, we can’t blame them. The old architectural charm that dates back to Roman times, meets the vibrant city life populated with Instagram moment cafés, restaurants, sights and sounds that each has a magnificent story to tell. Lecce is the first stop on our tour and from there it only gets better!
 A boat ride from the Puglian pearl - Santa Maria di Leuca - to explore the karst caves on the Adriatic and Ionian sea is a half-day trip that we are sure you’ll cherish as the relaxing, magnificent visual experience that outshines any of the “usual” Italian travel itineraries. Santa Maria di Leuca is also a UNESCO town that we’ll take time to explore and when you see the beauty of its landscapes, you’ll understand why it’s on the bucket list of so many experienced travelers.
Take me to Italy has a special mission. As your tour provider, we want to make your Italian holiday not just about sightseeing, filling your mind with historic facts and anecdotes but to also take you on a truly experiential tour that touches the real Italy, to show you how Italians live, to immerse you in the Dolce Vita. That is the reason why this experience will take you to a special olive oil tasting in an olive making facility run by a local family. You will also have a unique chance to enjoy a cooking lesson from none-other than a real Italian “Nonna” - a chef with in-depth knowledge of all the secrets of organic, home-made Italian cuisine. All that while you sip and enjoy the rich taste of premium Italian wines from this region!
That’s surely the experience you won’t forget! Plus, you’ll get to “steal” some tips and tricks and apply them to your own cooking when you get back home! 
Since our task is to provide you with not - so - ordinary travel experiences, we organized something really special! You might have seen it on travel shows and history channel reports, and now you have the opportunity to enjoy it yourself: spend two nights in the famed Trulli of Alberobello. If you still don’t know what a Trulli is, you can read all about it in a separate blog, but let’s just say for now that Trulli is an accommodation that encapsulates centuries of history, modern luxury and top-notch relaxation you expect on your vacation!
Exploring Puglia would not be complete without a visit to the medieval town of Barletta and the Castello Svevo, where history and old tales of Puglian glory come to life, and then walk along the Lungomare Pietro Mennea to observe objectively one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever have a chance to see. If you don’t believe us, look up online why the name Barletta usually appears with the words “sunset” and “beautiful” in every search! 
All our itineraries are carefully crafted top travel at a slow pace and leave time to truly enjoy your vacation without compromising on the quality and quantity of the places that we want to show you and experiences we’d like you to share!
After visiting Puglia so many times and tending to every little detail to assure your enjoyment on your European vacation, we are sure that you’ll have nothing but beautiful memories and tons of amazing photos to brag about when your return home!





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