Mantua - Sleeping Beauty Awakens!

Mantua or Mantova in Italian, has long been ignored by tourists. Mantua, surrounded by three manmade lakes, created as the city defence system, kept Mantua closed off from the rest of the world. This isolated Mantua from development and is referred to by the Italians as La Bella Addormentata: Sleeping Beauty. Mantua is located 40 km south of Verona and was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008.

Join us as Mantua is about to wake up from its long slumber. The city has been nominated as the cultural capital of Italy for 2016. An award bestowed by the city by the National ministry of Culture which grants Mantua €1 million to complete restoration works of significant buildings and monuments. Adding to Mantua’s escape from the past is its nomination as the European Capital of Gastronomy for 2017 shared with its sister cities Bergamo Brescia and Cremona. 

The Food

Further enhancing the riches of Mantua is its cuisine starting with the tasty pumpkin ravioli or Tortellini di Zucca.

Cultural Hub

Mantua provides many cultural experiences including Literature and the Arts.

You may be thinking Mantua.... where have I heard of this city before? For those of you who have studied Shakespeare, Mantua is the town Romeo is banished in the play Romeo and Juliet. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are based in Italy and I start asking myself, was Shakespeare Italian?

From 1328 to 1708 Mantua was ruled by the powerful Gonzaga family who were great supporters of the arts. The Gonzaga family attracted some of Italy’s finest artists including Pisanello and Raphael. Virgil the ancient poet who wrote the Aeneid was born in Mantua.

The real charm of Mantua is the hall of Giants in the Pallazzo del Te painted by Romano. As you enter the hall you will be transfixed by the painted wall featuring giants attempting to scale Mount Olympus and the god’s revenge as they rein thunderbolts on them.

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