Opera at the Arena di Verona

A popular attraction and long tradition in Verona is the watching of an opera performance inside the Arena di Verona.This Roman amphitheater built in AD 30 and later rebuilt due to an earthquake in the 12th century holds some of the best opera performances in the world. This is the third largest roman amphitheater after the Colosseum (Rome) and Capua (Campania) in Italy. The  Arena di Verona is the best preserved and has been in use for many centuries.

Imagine sitting in this massive and breathtaking amphitheater. As the sun sets and the day starts to cool, the amphitheater is illuminated by the moon and stars overhead. You wait anxiously for the performance to begin, then around 9:00 pm the performers appear on stage ready to delight your senses. This year’s opera festival includes La Traviata, Carmen, and Aida. www.arena.it

Watching the opera in Verona is an experience not to be missed.

The opera may not be your thing but don’t let this stop you from having a once in a life time experience. Ticket price includes a plot narrative and English translation. To fully appreciate the opera pre-reading to find out about the plot is highly recommended. The costumes and singing performance will guide you through the opera.

Whilst the opera concludes after midnight, your entertainment continues in Piazza Bra immediately outside the amphitheater as cafes remain open to indulge your favorite drink, gelato or desert. This is the Italian way to celebrate life.


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