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Thermal baths are found where heated ground water emerges after travelling through the earth’s crust. During the water’s journey it accumulates minerals and nutrients. These thermal waters are believed to possess healing and medicinal values.  Thermal water has been used for centuries to help soothe away muscle strains, aching joints as well as help detoxify the skin against daily impurities. For those who are simply looking to enjoy a nourishing, deep body soak, both men and women can take pleasure in the benefits of Thermal water.

One of Italy’s oldest and largest thermal spa resorts is situated in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The water commences its journey at the Dolomite foothills and gushes out at the foot of the Euganean Hills at 85-87 degrees Celsius. The journey of over 100 km can take 25 years as the water travels through limestone rock at a depth of thousands of meters.

In the Lombardia and Veneto tour, Favotto Tours takes you on a truly relaxing experience. On the tour you will be a guest at the Grand Hotel Trieste and Victoria in Abano Terme. Abano Terme is a spa town that is built on top of the thermal springs below the Euganean Hills. Guests will experience the resort’s ultra luxury thermal spa pools which are known to attract visitors from all around the world including some of Hollywood’s most notable celebrities.

The water temperature is maintained at 38 degrees 

Among other calming and rejuvenating treatments are the mud bath and mud wraps which have been soaked for months in natural spring water and brims with tonnes of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory healing properties. For more traditional spa treatments, the resort also has manicures, pedicures and revitalizing massages by registered massage therapists. 

Abano Terme is famous for its Fango therapy 'mud bath treatments: 

Photo courtesy of GB Thermea Hotels

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