Thermal Therapy - Experience the Magic of Abano Terme

Located in the Veneto region within the small province of Padua lies the serene town of Abano Terme. Surrounded on the outskirts by low green hills and an opening welcome gate that reads, ‘Welcome. Please avoid disturbing noises’. This alone gives guests and visitors an idea of just how peaceful and relaxed the atmosphere of Abano Terme strives to produce.

As the biggest spa town in the world, it is of course most widely known for its incredible therapeutic thermal waters found in the several hot springs and mud baths, where you can be sure that any visit to this lovely town will be filled with nothing less than undisturbed rest and tranquility. Many come to Abano Terme to get away from the hustle and bustle of their own town or busy city in order to enjoy a spa treatment or a lazy afternoon soaking up the therapeutic benefits of the springs.

While not diving into these calm luxuries, guests can make their way towards central Abano where they will find streets lined with welcoming cafes and shops to stroll past all within walking distance of the center. 

The town itself also has plenty of historic buildings including Abano’s cathedral named Duomo di San Lorenzo, originally founded in the 10th century. After exploring the structures found in the center of town, spend an afternoon wandering through the town’s art gallery or enjoy the outdoors at the rather hilly park of Montirone.

When it comes to choosing a place to stay during a visit to Abano Terme, the options are far from scarce. Simply driving down the main streets, dozens of hotels can be found all offering unique and special services and amenities for their guests. As the spa treatments and thermal hot springs are the main source for drawing in visitors, each hotel is sure to have its own variety of available spa services to meet the needs of each guest.

One of the most prestigious hotels found in Abano Terme is The Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria, which boasts a brand new healthy spa pool and a charm that seems to exude every inch of its property. Because of this, several famous guests including several of the past presidents of Italy, Pope John XXIII, General Armando Diaz along with several others. 

Famous or not, being able to spend a getaway within the walls of any hotel or spa in Abano Terme is sure to be nothing short of extraordinary and exceptionally relaxing.

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