Wake Up Like a Queen!

One of the most enchanting little towns of northern Italy has captured the imagination and hearts of travelers and artists along many centuries, some of them choosing to make it a permanent residence, including queens and famous writers. The town of Asolo in Veneto has been designated one of the most fascinating small villages of Italy, featuring an exceptional atmosphere and several wonderful landmarks. Located just about 80 km away from Venice, Asolo is the perfect getaway for both Italian high class and international travelers looking for the quintessential Italian experience. Centered on its main piazza and guarded by the imposing fortress and defended by old medieval walls, Asolo in Veneto offers much more than at first sight. While small, the town still preserves a laid-back romantic atmosphere, with shaded cobblestone streets, porticoes and frescoes, charming churches and other wonders.

Dating back to medieval times, the town of Asolo has always been in the spotlight of the Italian and international nobility. At one time, the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, became ruler of the town and even established a small, but glamorous royal court. Along the years, many famous personalities fell in love with Asolo and even moved there permanently, including writers Robert Browning, Ernest Hemingway, Giosue Carducci, composer Igor Stravinsky and others. Many of the landmarks have been completely restored to their former glory, making this destination a veritable journey in time. The strong fortress, the civic museum or the theatre, but also the historical buildings of the town center make for excellent attractions. Asolo also makes for a perfect base to explore the beautiful Veneto region, with a mix of splendid natural and cultural highlights.


While visiting Asolo in Veneto, maybe the most special place to stay is an old villa that today serves as a boutique hotel, an impressive accommodation experience. Hotel Villa Cipriani represents an authentic Palladian era villa, improved and embellished along the centuries, especially by English poet Robert Browning who purchased it and transformed it into a veritable Tuscan villa. Staying for a few days or more in this heaven of evasion and elegance is a truly unforgettable experience. Guests have the privilege of traveling through time to the era of noblemen and princes. The 31 elegant and spacious rooms remind of another time, when poets and artists found inspiration in this amazing villa and its lush gardens. The hotel villa Cipriani also offers the best specialties of Veneto in its stylish restaurant, a swimming pool and exquisite views of the hills surrounding the town of Asolo.


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